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Via ferrata in Isère Les via ferrata dans la département Isère, proches de Grenoble, de Lyon

In the Rhône-Alpes region, Grenoble is one of the cities that have the mountains in surrounding area. Nature has offered this city 3 more beautiful massifs in the Alpes: Chartreuse, Belledone and Vercors.

Grenoble is also a destination of the French and International practitioners of Via Ferrata thanks to its geographical position in the heart of region.

Among our Via Ferrata, we offer you the outings who are close to Grenoble, from 5 min to 40min drive .

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Inescapable Via Ferrata from Grenoble

Grenoble, is at the crossroads of the 3 great mountain range: Belledone, Chartreuse and Vercors. Among many activities, via Ferrata is one of the known activities in Grenoble. The Via Ferrata "Les Prises de Bastille" is the most famous in the center of Grenoble, but other via ferrata are less than 30 mintues from the city.

Saint Vincent De Mercuze

This new via ferrata in Saint Vincent de Mercuze is perfect for a half-day aerial initiation (3h), half way between Grenoble and Chambéry. Located on the small rocks' plateau (Chartreuse massif), the via ferrata dominates the Saint-Vincent-de-Mercuze's city.

From 40.00 €

Cascade de l'Oule Integral

It is called "La Cascade de l'Oule" Via Ferrata, Crolles, or "Saint Hilaire du Touvet", it's situated along the funicular of Saint Hilaire du Touvet, above Crolles.

It takes 25 minutes drive from Grenoble to join the departure of the walking approach. Sharing one of the most beautiful views of the Alps and facing the Belledonne chain, with view on the Mont Blanc and the Vercors, this course is medium difficulty.

From 50.00 €

Les Lavandières

Les Lavandières parcours: a 800m course with a succession of steep areas and large comfortable vires. This via ferrata is ideal for the discovery of 3h perfect!

From 40.00 €

Le Grand Dièdre

the Grand Dièdre courses: Reserved for initiates and sportsmen, with a length of 600m, extremely difficult and very dizzy overall. Since they will have to cross many steep walls and cant in the great dihedral.

From 55.00 €

Jules Carret

Amateur of strong sensation, adventure and vertical atmosphere. Jules Carret via ferrata in Saint-Jean d'Arvey (Bauges massif) is made for you!

Located in Savoie at 40 minutes from Grenoble, it's known as one of the most difficult in France. It will be accessible if you are sportsmen and trained, or for a via ferratist who already has some experience.

From 40.00 €

Via Ferrata "Les Prises de la Bastille"

Via ferrata of Bastille in Isere located at the entrance at Grenoble, next to Porte de France. Open since October 1999, the Via Ferrata of Bastille is a 5 min walk from the central train station**.

From the cliffs of Bastille, the only via ferrata of France in an urban site is one of the most frequented today. This is an original way to discover the city.

From 40.00 €

La roche Veyrand

Idéale pour une journée sportive, c'est sans doute le parcours lu plus beau du département de l'Isère A Saint Pierre d'Entrement. Une journée sportive pour une vue aériene et un itinéraire d'exception.

From 55.00 €