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Escalade voie Zig Zag mont Veyrier lac d'Annecy

Description Climbing

Climbing is an outdoor sport which allows you to enter a new dimension: the vertical world. Every climber craves the feeling which is created by the mental commitment and the physical effort of this activity. You have the opportunity to play with and reach beyond your own physical and mental limits: stretching, body balance, observation, strength and skill.

From classic rock climbing on cliffs, from the exposure of mulit-pitch rock climbing, and from bouldering, you will discover or improve your ability in the multiple fascinating aspects of the activity in the numerous climbing spots in the Alps.

The Service

Vertical Adventure has a wide choice of options in climbing. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the guiding contents are adapted to your needs. We will design a programme according to your age, ability and your expectations.

Children aged 5 and up are welcome for playful sessions.

Many lesson combinations available: the basic session, the mini training course (2 in 3 sessions), the improvement training course (4 sessions and more), The training course with the objective of multi pitches route s(4 sessions and more)...

You will be guided by a professional climber (holder of a national professional climbing degree) who has a very good knowledge of the cragsaround Annecy Grenoble, Lyon, Genève and in multiple destinations (French alps, French riviera, Corsica).

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Service include :

All the gear is provided, including a harness, helmet, rope , abseiling rope for big walls, quickdraws, carabiners, climbing shoes and chalk bags.

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Écoles d'escalade

Les petits Piliers

Une demie journée découverte de l'escalade, une mini grande voie dans le Vercors

From 180.00 €

Site d'escalade d'Angon

Au bord du lac d'Annecy, un site d'escalade d'initiation parfait, ombragé l'après midi.

From 150.00 €

Grandes voies

La voie zig zag - Mont Baron Veyrier -

C'est LA grande voie la plus accessible au dessus du lac d'Annecy. Une journée grande voie de 180m dans un beau calcaire à grosses prises !

From 300.00 €