Via ferrata around Annecy lake

Near Annecy Chambéry, Genève, Lyon and Aix-les-bains.

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Must-see via ferrata around Annecy lake

The 4 essential via ferrata of our catalog, near Annecy lake, Genève and Aix-les-bains.

Roc de Cornillon

Our favorite via ferrata !!! Its advantages are multiple, an exceptional view on the Bourget lake (Aix-les-Bains), no physical difficulty, varied equipment with a surprising air atmosphere. Perfect to have sensations without aches!

Just 25 minutes from Annecy, The route crosses all the Roc de Cornillon. The first horizontal part, long enough, is the most vertiginous.

From 44.00 €

Via ferrata de Thones

La via ferrata de Thônes est la plus proche de Genève. C'est un parcours pour les Sportifs, avec 3 surplombs à franchir un véritable défit à seulement 20 minutes d'Annecy. Vertical, surplombant, aérien, cet itinéraire d'envergure a de quoi donner du fil a retorde !

From 64.00 €

Jules Carret

A breathtaking view of the Chambérien basin and the Mont Granier, a cultural touch that can not be ignored, and of course some playful and aerial workshops: monkey bridge, wooden joists, and a magnificent Tibetan bridge of forty meters full throttle!

From 70.00 €

Jules Carret

Amateur of strong sensation, adventure and vertical atmosphere. Jules Carret via ferrata in Saint-Jean d'Arvey (Bauges massif) is made for you!

Located in Savoie at 40 minutes from Grenoble, it's known as one of the most difficult in France. It will be accessible if you are sportsmen and trained, or for a via ferratist who already has some experience.

From 50.00 €

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