A. Terms and Conditions

  1. Preamble
  2. Ordering, validation and confirmation of the order
  3. Price
  4. Terms and method of payment
  5. Delivery
  6. Retraction
  7. Exchange and Extension
  8. Conditions of use of the EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE Products and Liability
  9. Restrictions
  10. Respect of appointment schedules
  11. Beware of theft on car parks
  12. Cancellations
  13. Insurance
  14. Noncompliance
  15. Force major
  16. Computing and Freedom
  17. Intellectual Property Rights
  18. Complaints - Conciliation - Litigation

B. Legal information

Privacy Policy

1. Preamble

1.1. Definitions

Seller: this term designates VERTICAL AVENTURE, trade name of EURL Vertical Aventure - 75 rue du lavoir - 38570 TENCIN - France Tel. : 0663703625 Fax: 0972277511 SARL Vertical Adventure With capital of 3000 euros 793354986 RCS GRENOBLE Youth and Sport establishment N ° 03813ET0239 Agrement Education Nationale N ° EPSESC06061600033 and whose social purpose is organizing leisure, sports and recreational activities.

Manager BLANCHARD Mathieu, 75 rue du lavoir 38570 TENCIN

Insurer: Allianz Iard, company governed by the Insurance Code. A public limited company with a share capital of 938,787,416€, whose registered office is at 87, rue de Richelieu 75002 PARIS - 542 110 291 RCS PARIS.

Buyer: This term refers to the contracting party who ordered or acquired a gift voucher or purchase voucher or sports service on a scheduled date. The Purchaser may or may not be the Beneficiary of the Gift or Activity as he or she uses it personally or offers it to a third party.

Activity: refers to an activity selected on the Site and sent or not in the Gift voucher's undated, without face value and not nominative and a description of the chosen activity.

Reservation : Refers to the online booking system for certain activities - specifically designated "Activities with Reservation", proposed by EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE on the Site. Please note that the Activities with Reservation are dated and therefore do not have by definition a Use Deadline as defined above.

Credit: credit issued by the Seller to the customer account of the Buyer or the Beneficiary in the case of an exchange request made in accordance with the conditions of these General Conditions of Sale. This credit may be used on one or more occasions for a fixed period, mentioned on the customer's account of the Buyer or the Beneficiary, on the www.vertical-aventure.com site for the purchase of Products, except for the Products Exclusively marketed in physical version.

Beneficiary: means the person holding the Gift Certificate or the scheduled benefit.

Gift Voucher: means the Gift voucher contained in the EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE Products, which is delivered by the Beneficiary to the Partner in settlement of the chosen Service on the site www.vertical-aventure.com, or which allows the payment Of the Benefit by simple delivery of its number. The gift voucher can also take the form of an electronic ticket or a gift card.

Date of Use: Date shown on the Gift Certificate and indicating to the Buyer/Beneficiary the deadline until which he/she can receive a Benefit/Exchange as specified in Article 7.

Part(s): means jointly or separately the Purchaser and/or the Beneficiary and the Seller.

Benefit: means the Benefit or product provided by Vertical Aventure in favor of the Beneficiary in exchange for the gift voucher.

Product(s): Designates the Activity, the Gift voucher, the Purchase Order. When the Gift Voucher corresponds to an e-ticket sent by e-mail to the Buyer or Recipient, it will be specified that it is Electronic Products.

Site: designates the website of EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE: www.vertical-aventure.com

Voucher: Voucher of a predefined amount delivered dematerialized in the form of a code or materialized in the form of a card and allowing to buy one or more products EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE on the site www.vertical-adventure.com within the limit predefind of a amount and validity period. Purchase orders are neither exchangeable nor extendable.

1.2. Object of the contract

These General Conditions of Sale and Guarantees (hereinafter "GCS") are intended to define the terms and conditions under which the Seller proposes the marketing of Products to Buyers.

Consequently, any order from the Buyer implies its unreserved acceptance and its full and full acceptance of the present GCS which prevail over any other document, unless special conditions expressly agreed in writing by the Seller.

The Buyer acknowledges having read the GCS prior to his order.

These General Conditions of Sale come into effect as of 01 January 2017. They cancel and replace all previous versions.

The Seller reserves the right to modify at any time the present GCS by publishing a new version on the Site. In the event of modification of the GTS, the GTC applicable are those in force on the date of the order of which a copy delivered to the Purchaser accompanying the letter of confirmation of his order.

The invalidity of any clause of these General Terms and Conditions shall not invalidate all GCS. Temporary or permanent failure to comply with one or more clauses of the GCS by the Seller does not imply the waiver by the GCS of the other GCS clauses Which continue to have their effects.

The photos on the Site have no contractual value..

2. Ordering Procedures and Terms

The Buyer may place an order either on the Internet at www.vertical-aventure.com or by telephone.

2.1. On the Website: www.vertical-aventure.com

Any order of a Product proposed on the Site implies the express consultation and acceptance of the present General Conditions of Sale, but this acceptance is not conditioned by a handwritten signature on the part of the Purchaser.

The order taking on the Site is subject to the strict observance of the procedure described below. It is concretized online by a succession of different screens on which are indicated the different phases that the Purchaser must follow to validate his order with the Seller.

2.1.1. Product selection

In order to place an order on the Site, the Buyer shall select a Product by browsing the Site. Once this choice is made, it will click on the button "Add to cart" or "Order".

If the Buyer wishes to proceed directly to the online booking of his Activity, he must check the box "Book now" and then complete the fields "desired date", "selected activity", "number of persons".

Online booking will only be possible with payment by credit card, check or bank transfer

2.1.2. Shopping Cart Checkout

He will then have to check the contents of his basket (or, if necessary, to continue his selection if he wishes to add Products) and choose, if possible, a paper version or an electronic version.

It may also enter a promotional code if it has one.

Once the basket is complete and it is suitable, it will be able to click on the button "to pay my order".

2.1.3. Identification

If he already has an account, the Buyer will have to identify himself to finalize his order.

He will be able to identify himself to access his personal account, either by entering his email address and his password in the fields provided for this purpose and click on the button "To identify to me".

If he does not have an account, he will be asked to create one.

2.1.4. Contact Information

The Purchaser will then verify (and complete or correct if necessary) the billing address and delivery address of the Product(s).

He will then choose his/her payment means.

In order to confirm his order and to proceed to the payment, he must check the box "I have read and I expressly accept the Terms and Conditions" then click on the button "Confirm & Set my order".

The buyer will be asked to fill in his bank card numbers. It is at the time of payment that the order becomes final and the contract is deemed to be formed. In cases where the Buyer has made a reservation request, a simple banking authorization will be issued. The online payment will be effective and the final order only when the reservation will be confirmed by the Provider concerned by return of e-mail.

For payment by check, the Purchaser will receive an order confirmation by e-mail by clicking on the button "Confirm & Set my order" but the order will become definitive and the contract will be deemed to be formed only after receipt of the complete payment And accompanying documents, including the printed order form.

2.1.5 Creating an Account

If the Buyer does not have an account, he will then have the possibility to create one by filling in the mandatory fields requested.

If he does not wish to create an account, his details will still be kept as for any Buyer and for the same purposes and can be found if he connects again on the Site to place an order.

2.2. By telephone

The products can be ordered by phone, at 06 63 70 36 25 (non-surcharged number) from Monday to Sunday from 8am to 7pm. The contractual information will be confirmed by e-mail.

In all cases, the Professional Seller reserves the right to refuse any order for legitimate reasons and, in particular, in case of suspicion of fraud or if the quantities of Products ordered are abnormally high for non-professional Buyers.

2.3. Fight against fraud

As part of its anti-fraud policy, the Seller reserves the right, following any order placed on the Site, to ask the Buyer for any documentary evidence in order to be able to validate his order.

In this case, the Buyer will receive an e-mail before 12:00am informing him that his order is subject to verification and will then be invited to provide the necessary supporting documents for validation.

Failure of the Buyer to respond to such a request within 2 days of the Seller's request will automatically lead to the cancellation of the order concerned, without any possibility of subsequent complaint.

3. Price

The Professional Seller reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, while guaranteeing to the Buyer the application of the price in force on the day of the order.

Vertical Adventure subject to the VAT margin regime Article in reference to Article 242h A 12° of Annex II to the General Tax Code (CGI)

Consequently, the documents which may be issued to the attention of the Purchaser on the occasion of the delivery of the aforementioned products shall not include any VAT invoiced.

4. Terms and method of payment

Payment of purchases shall be made in accordance with the following terms and conditions detailed on the Site:

  • By credit card (Carte Bleue, Visa card, Eurocard/Mastercard, etc.). In case of purchase of the Product on the Site, or by telephone, the Customer indicates directly in the zones provided for this purpose or to the adviser: the card number, its date of validity as well as its control code located on the back of the card .
  • EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE reserves the right to suspend any order management and delivery in the event of non-payment or denial of authorization to pay by credit card from the officially accredited and usual internet agencies. The Site is provided with an online payment security system provided by PAYLINE enabling the consumer to encrypt the transmission of his bank data.
  • Either by bank check (French bank): to the order of EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE. Delays of shipping or sending by e-mail of the Products will be calculated from the date of cashing of the check. The check must be addressed to the following address: EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE, 75 rue du lavoir 38570 TENCIN, with imperative mention of the order number on the back of the check. In the absence of mention of this number, the order may be canceled. In the latter case, the check will be returned to the issuer.
  • Either by SEPA bank transfer, bank details are indicated when ordering

In the event of unpaid payment, the Seller reserves the right to deactivate the Good(s) Gift(s) of the Product(s) that are the subject of the unpaid or dated reservation made The object of unpaid.

5. Delivery


The Products are published in limited quantities due to limited capacity and limited duration of validity of the Products.

The offer of the Products is valid within the limit of the available stocks and subject to the Limits of Use of the Products.

In the event of unavailability of the ordered Product, the Buyer will be informed as soon as possible and will be able to cancel the order. In the case of an Activity with Reservation, the order and authorization of payment will be automatically canceled.

He will then have the choice of asking:

  • Either the refund of the price paid at the latest within 14 days from the date on which the Buyer informs EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE of its refusal to maintain the order,
  • Either an exchange of Products of characteristics and equivalent price. A new order will be issued for the new Product upon validation of the choice made by the Buyer. This order will be processed as soon as possible, since the payment has already been validated.

If EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE can not be exchanged, the sums paid will be refunded. The unavailability of the Product shall not incur the liability of EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE or give rise to damages for the benefit of the Purchaser.


Gift vouchers are only available in electronic form.


The Products in electronic form will be sent to the e-mail address indicated during the ordering process, to be charged to the Purchaser to print them.

The liability of EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE can not in any case be incurred in any capacity whatsoever when the delay is attributable to the Buyer, that is to say in the event of an error of seizure by the buyer, Buyer, when placing the order.

6. Right of withdrawal

6.2. For gift certificates of Sports Activities and for the reservation of sporting activities framed

In accordance with Article L 121-21-8 3° and 12° of the Consumer Code, Sporting Activities and Gifts voucher are not subject to a right of withdrawal. https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F10485

7. Exchange and Extension

7.1. Terms & Conditions

The Buyer or the Beneficiary will be able to obtain a new EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE product of an amount equal or less than that exchanged, among the products available in electronic version only, provided that the exchanged product is valid.

He may also obtain a Product of a higher price, subject to payment of the difference between the value of the Product exchanged and the value of the new Product requested.

7.2. Terms of Trade

The Buyer or the Beneficiary must, in order to exchange, contact the customer service at 0663703625

As part of an exchange, the Product ordered will be an Electronic Product which will retain the validity date of the exchanged product.

7.3. Extension

The validity of gift vouchers is not extendible. The exchange does not extend the validity date of the voucher.

8. Conditions for use of the EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE Products and Liability


Gift vouchers are valid for a single activity presented either in the activity booklet of the corresponding Product or on the Site www.vertical-aventure.com.

The Products are valid until the Deadline for Use indicated on the Gift Certificate. After this date, vouchers are no longer valid


Vertical Adventure can ask the Beneficiary to send him the Gift Certificate to confirm his reservation. Neither EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE can be held liable for the loss of the Gift Voucher.


Given the period of validity of the Products, the contents of the activities and/or the list of services may be redefined after the edition of the vertical-aventure.com site, without the liability of EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE being invoked.

Thus, when reserving a Benefit, it is up to the Beneficiary to verify the precise content of the Benefit. Given the active role of the Beneficiary in terms of selection of courses and the choice of the desired date EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE can not be held responsible for any unavailability on the chosen date including the unavailability caused by a technical problem, High traffic and unfavorable weather conditions. It is recommended to reserve as early as possible in order to benefit from a wide range of dates.


No cancellation or deferment of reservation will be accepted without the direct agreement of Vertical Adventure.


The Services do not include transportation to the selected venue or the Internet subscription in the case of online services.


For sporting activities one hour of appointments is systematically communicated whatever the performance. For the smooth running of the activities and respect for the other participants, a maximum delay of 20 minutes can be tolerated. Beyond this period, the guide (s) will start and no refund or compensation will be payable for all services.


In the event of non-use, loss or destruction of the Gift Voucher, the Beneficiary will not be entitled to a refund. EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE reserves the right not to act on any claims of a Buyer and/or Beneficiary who has acquired his Product outside the traditional distribution network of the EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE Products and in particular directly to an individual.

8.8 Conditions of use of the EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE Bonds and Liability

Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 8.1 of these General Conditions:


You are responsible for all content, data, images, photos, documents or information of any kind that you operate and/or implement on the EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE Gift Vouchers.

You warrant that the images or photos transferred do not infringe the rights of third parties. You also warrant EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE against any claim and claim of any kind, including claims for damages, that a third party could form for the fraudulent use of any image or photo. You will assume all consequences, including financial consequences, resulting from the fraudulent use of images or photos of any kind that you have transferred to your EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE Tailor-made package and will in particular indemnify EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE from any resulting convictions and defense costs Such claims brought by third parties.


You agree to use the EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE Gift Certificates in a responsible manner in full compliance with these Terms of Use and with applicable laws and rules of morality. Without exception, EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE gift vouchers may not be used for the purpose of pornographic, illegal, defamatory use in order to reach the private or public life of anyone.


EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE is only bound by an obligation of means. The EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE website is made available to the user. Under no circumstances can EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE be held liable for technical or material errors relating to the printing of the photo or the image.


EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE is not liable for failure of the EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE Gift voucher resulting from the use by the user of an unsuitable medium, and in particular without this list being limiting, the quality, the format , The weight of the picture or photo used, for the printing of the EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE gift voucher.

9. Restrictions

9.1. Restrictions

The Recipient undertakes to read these restrictions carefully.

Certain Benefits are only available under certain conditions of health, age, weight or competence. These conditions are indicated for each Service on the Site www.vertical-aventure.com. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact us at 0663703625 (non-surcharged call) All proposed activities can not be practiced under the influence of alcohol. It is strictly forbidden to present ourselves on our activities by being alcoholic.

Vertical Adventure and its monitors intervening in the supervision of the services reserve the right to refuse the requested benefit if the Beneficiary of the Product does not fulfill the requirements.

Some services are only available under certain conditions (physical, meteorological, technical or other). Vertical Adventure reserves the right to refuse the requested Service or to shift the booking if the required conditions are not met.

Due to the nature of certain Benefits, the Beneficiary may be required to sign a waiver of liability or to deposit a deposit check.

In all these cases, EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE shall not be obliged to indemnify the Buyer/Beneficiary.

9.2. Exclusions from warranties

The services do not include transportation to the meeting place at Vertical Adventure selected, nor the subscription to the Internet in the case of online services.

EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE can not be held liable in the event of loss, theft or return of the gift voucher after the delivery of the product or any inability to perform certain activities, attributable to the Buyer and/or the Beneficiary.

10. Meeting Schedules

For sports activities one hour of appointments is systematically communicated by mail or sms whatever the service.

For the smooth running of the activities and respect for the other participants, we tolerate a delay of 20 minutes maximum. Beyond this period, the guide(s) will start and no refund or compensation will be due. For all benefits, the sum paid at the registration is paid as a deposit and can not be refunded.

11. Attentions to Flights in Cars

The car parks of the various places of activities are unattended and sometimes isolated in the mountains, which unfortunately can attract thieves. In order not to solicit the flights in your vehicles plan not to take away valuables to leave in your vehicles, as far as possible we will take in the wallets (small) and mobile phones. The responsibility of Vertical Adventure can not be engaged in the event of theft or deterioration of or in the vehicles on the parkings of activities.

12. Cancellations

12.1. Weather situation

If the monitor considers that the weather makes the exit impossible, you will be refunded in full the part paid for the reservation. Within the limits of our possibilities Vertical Adventure will offer you a replacement program. The information provided on the progress of the service is not contractual.

12.2. Other cancellation conditions

12.2.1 Cancellation from Vertical Adventure:

Vertical Adventure and its instructors reserve the right to cancel the service(s) in case of force majeure or for reasons related to the safety of the participants, in this case no sum will be claimed to you, unless services have been consumed. So within the limits of our possibilities Vertical Adventure will offer you a replacement program. The information provided on the progress of the service is not contractual. The force major is an event that is both unforeseen, insurmountable and beyond our control, irresistible (it does not allow the contract to continue) and unpredictable (it could not be foreseen in the Time of the conclusion of the reservation).

Example of safety reasons:

  • Flow too high in a canyon, risks of flood related to weather caving, climbing thunderstorms, hang-gliding, via ferrata, via corda.
  • Weather winds for paragliding and hang-gliding

Example of a case of force major:

  • Major road traffic problem which prevents us from going to the appointments place (strike, accident, landslide, flood ...).
  • Problem of health of a monitor or one of his close relatives not allowing him to perform the service
  • ...

12.2.2 Cancellation on your part:

In case of cancellation between 21st and 8th day before the start of the service, the reimbursement may not exceed 25% of the price of the service.

In case of cancellation with less than 8 days of the service, the entire benefit is due.

A refund is made only in case of incapacity to perform the service, on presentation of a medical certificate for sports activities.

Gift boxes type smartbox and wonderbox: In case of cancellation with less than 8 days of the service, the vouchers reserved will be consumed and can not be canceled.

13. Insurance

For all activities, SARL Vertical Aventure involves independent instructors. Each instructor is then covered by professional liability insurance. "PROfessional Civil Liability" insurance guarantees material, immaterial or bodily damage caused to third parties due to errors, faults or negligence.

In addition, for the Escalade, Canyoning, Via Ferrata, Via Corda, Caving, Mountaineering and Rope Course activities, SARL Vertical Aventure subscribes to an "Individual Accident Client (IAC)" insurance: Each Vertical Adventure Customer then benefits from The IAC which allows it to be covered (with guarantee ceilings) when the latter is injured without a responsible third party. Vertical Aventure is a veritable "plus" in a serious and quality approach.

Note that to be covered by the insurance (RC Pro and IAC) it is necessary to have settled BEFORE the activity

14. Non-compliance

14.1. Electronic Product Not Compliant

Upon receipt of the Product in electronic form by e-mail, it is recommended that Buyer verify the nature of the e-ticket and make any reservations in case of error.

Reservations must be submitted by e-mail via the contact form; Or by telephone on 06 63 70 36 25 (non-surcharged number) from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm excluding holidays, as soon as possible.

Any reservation not made in the rules defined above can not be taken into account and will release EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE from any responsibility towards the Buyer.

The parties agree that the Vendor's warranty is strictly limited to the replacement or refund of the purchase price of the Product in electronic version recognized by the Seller as non-conforming.

In any event, the Seller shall not be obliged to indemnify the Buyer for any damages whatsoever resulting from replacements and refunds.

15. Force major

The obligations contained herein shall not be applicable or shall be suspended ipso jure and without compensation if their execution has become impossible owing to a case of force majeure or a fortuitous event as defined by the case law or for any reason attributable to it The Purchaser, the Beneficiary or the Partner.

Each Party shall inform its counterparty by all means and as soon as possible in the event of an event of force majeure preventing it from performing all or part of its contractual obligations.

The Parties shall make every effort to prevent or reduce the effects of non-performance of the contract caused by an event of force majeure; The Party wishing to invoke an event of force majeure shall promptly notify the other Party of the commencement and, if necessary, of the termination of such event, otherwise it shall not be released from liability.

16. Informatics and Freedoms

The collection of personal data, their use for the processing of orders and the constitution of customer files is subject to the consent of the person concerned.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, the Buyer/Beneficiary has the right to access, withdraw, rectify and delete personal data. The Buyer / Beneficiary may exercise this right by writing to EURL VERTICAL AVENTURE, 75 rue du lavoir, 38570 TENCIN, stating his name, first name and address and the subject of the request.

Information on the collection of personal data is available in full in the "Privacy Policy" section (below).

17. Intellectual property rights

The reproduced material (including trademarks and all illustrations, images and logos, photographs) on www.vertical-aventure.com, which are the exclusive property of the Seller, are protected by copyright, Trademark law and patent law. Any reproduction or partial reproduction, modification or use of these marks, illustrations, images and logotypes, for any reason and on any medium without prior express agreement of the Seller, is strictly forbidden. The same shall apply to any combination or conjunction with any other mark, symbol, logotype and more generally any distinctive sign intended to form a composite logo. The same shall apply to any copyright, design, model and patent which are the property of the Seller.

18. Complaint - Conciliation - Litigation

Any complaint must be addressed to the Customer Service by e-mail via the contact form available on www.vertical-aventure.com, within three (3) months from the event giving rise to the complaint.

In the event of a dispute between EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE and the Buyer, the most diligent party shall, prior to any referral to a court, send a letter of formal notice containing the complaints alleged against the other Party.

This agreement is subject to French law.

B. Legal information

Privacy Policy

The company SARL Verlical Aventure (name cmomercial Vertical Adventure) is concerned with the personal data that can be collected on the site www.vertical-aventure.com. It ensures and promises that they will be collected in compliance with the law of data processing and freedom of January 6, 1978 modified by the law of August 6, 2004.


Personal data is collected by: EURL Vertical Aventure, with the trade name VERTICAL AVENTURE, having its registered office at

SARL Vertical Adventure Capital of 3000 euros 793354986 RCS GRENOBLE

Youth and Sport Institution N° 03813ET0239 Agrement Education Nationale N° EPSESC06061600033

Manager: BLANCHARD Mathieu

Insurer: ALLIANZ


VERTICAL ADVENTURE is likely to collect the following data:

  • Last name First Name
  • Address
  • E-mail adress
  • Phone number
  • Birth date
  • IP adress
  • Connection and navigation data
  • Order history
  • Products

The mandatory or optional nature of the data is reported to you when collected by an asterisk. Some data are collected automatically as a result of your actions on the site. PURPOSE OF COLLECTED DATA

VERTICAL ADVENTURE collects your personal data in order to:

  • Open your customer account;
  • Allow follow-up in case of exchange / extension or complaint;
  • Follow your orders;
  • To send you newsletters from our company if you accept it;
  • To manage exchanges / extensions of vouchers Gift / Activities EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE;
  • Customize offers that are offered to you;
  • To carry out surveys for statistical purposes;
  • Collect your consumer opinion;
  • To measure the audience, the number of pages viewed or the number of visits to the site;
  • Fighting fraud.

VERTICAL ADVENTURE undertakes not to use the information for any purpose other than those mentioned above. TO PERSONAL DATA

The data collected on the www.vertical-aventure.com site are intended exclusively for VERTICAL AVENTURE eurl

However, if you accept it, they may also be forwarded to our partners offering offers that may match what you are looking for.


Your data can be collected when:

  • You create your "Your Personal Space" account;
  • You place an order on our site;
  • You are participating in a game or contest;
  • You browse our site and consult Products;
  • You contact our customer service;
  • You write a comment.


Your personal data will be automatically deleted:

  • Within one (1) year of the last contact we have had with you;
  • Automatically after two solicitations on our part remained unanswered.



When visiting our website www.vertical-aventure.com, cookies are placed on your computer, your mobile or your tablet. Our site is designed to be attentive to the needs and expectations of our customers. This is why we use cookies to identify you and access your account. This page allows you to better understand how cookies work and how to set them.


A cookie is a text file filed on your computer when visiting a site or viewing an advertisement. Its purpose is to collect information relating to your navigation and to address you services adapted to your terminal (computer, mobile or tablet). Cookies are managed by your browser.


Www.vertical-aventure.com cookies: these are cookies filed by www.vertical-aventure.com on your terminal to meet the needs of navigation, optimization and personalization of services on our site.

They can be dropped off when you browse our site or when you click into the ad slots on our site. As part of our partnership, we ensure that the partner companies comply strictly with the data protection law of 6 January 1978 as amended and undertake to implement appropriate measures for securing and protecting the confidentiality of data.


You can choose to disable these cookies at any time. Your browser can also be set to notify you of the cookies that are deposited on your computer and ask you to accept them or not.

You can accept or reject cookies on a case-by-case basis or refuse them systematically.

We remind you that the setting may modify your conditions of access to our contents and services requiring the use of cookies. If your browser is configured to refuse cookies, you will not be able to take advantage of any of our services. In order to manage the cookies as close as possible to your expectations we invite you to set your browser taking into account the purpose of the cookies.

Internet Explorer In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options. On the General tab, under Browsing History, click Settings. Click the View Files button.

Firefox Go to the Tools tab of the browser then select the Options menu In the window that appears, choose Privacy and click Display cookies.

Safari In your browser, choose Edit> Preferences. Click Security. Click Show Cookies.

Google Chrome Click the Tools icon. Select Options. Click the Advanced tab and go to the Privacy section. Click the Show Cookies button. HYPERTEXT LINKS

The site www.vertical-aventure.com may contain certain links to other sites whose content is beyond our control and not covered by this privacy policy. We are not responsible for the content of the sites presented here, nor for the way in which your personal data will be collected and used. SECURITY OF PERSONAL DATA

We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, we have implemented physical, electronic and management procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

For the purposes of payment the bank details are collected by OGONE® our payment service provider who will be solely responsible for collecting and storing the data. RIGHTS ON YOUR PERSONAL DATA

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, as amended by the law of 6 August 2004, you have the right to access, rectify and oppose your personal data.

At any time, when you browse our site, you can access your personal data via your customer area, correct your data if your situation has changed or you object to what we collect your data for purposes Of prospecting.

On the other hand, certain data are essential to the processing of your order. Failure to collect this information will result in your order not being processed.

Finally, at any time, you can also ask us to delete all your personal data.

Simply send us your request by mail to the following address:

EURL VERTICAL ADVENTURE / customer service 75, rue du lavoir 38570 TENCIN

By indicating your name, first name, e-mail, address.

In accordance with the regulations in force, your application must be signed and accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document bearing your signature and specify the address to which the reply should be sent. A reply will be sent to you within 2 months of receipt of the request CHANGING OUR PRIVACY POLICY

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time. We will post the changes by updating the date in the heading of our privacy policy. We invite you to visit this page regularly.