Ecouges Canyon lower part

Description Ecouges canyon part 2

The Lower part of Ecouges also calls "Part 2 of Ecouges" or "Ecouges 2", which is a perfect sport discovery site in the Vercors massif. 1 hour from Lyon and 30 minutes from Grenoble and Valence, this is a complete descent course where you will find several beautiful abseils (28m max) and many jumps(not mandatory) and slides.

It’s a big half-day activity (4.5 hours) in a remarkably sculpted canyon with superb waterfalls and pools which is ideal for doing jumps and slides.

For those who have more courageous, it is possible to start from the upper part of Ecouges to achieve the integral of Ecouges

Different versions of the lower part of Ecouges are possible.

  • start with crossing the 2 large waterfalls, the highest of which is almost 28m, after finishing the obstacle of Diaclase.

  • for those who want to skip the abseil part and prefer doing a longer aquatic part, we can also bypass the first 2 waterfalls and finish with a 10m jump (not mandatory) in the "gourd bottom".

  • Finally, for more sportive, we will do the complete one from the 2 waterfalls until the jump of 10m in the "gourd bottom".

It will also be possible to chain up with the Versoud canyon, the 2 canyons are complementary and very close.

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Individual price / person 65.00 €
Group price from 6 people 60.00 €
Group price 60.00 €

The benefits

  • Benefit the group's price for each canyoning
  • 1/2 price for the future groom/bride from 8 persons
  • Photos and videos of the outing offered
  • Possibility to rent a Go pro
  • Aperitif "surprise" on request

Useful information Ecouges mittlerer Teil

ages From 12 years old
Approach walk 00 : 01
Walking back 00 : 25
Altitude 621m
Ascent / Descent 220m
Items you must bring
  • Trainers / sneakers
  • Bottle of water
  • Swimsuit
Period from May to September
Department Isère
Area Grenoble / Lyon / Valence
Mountain range Vercors

Frequently asked Questions

The last jump in the Gourd bottom is 10m, but it is reserved for those who are comfortable in doing the jump and who have already had experience in canyoning.

The last jump in the Gourd bottom is 10m, but it is reserved for those who are comfortable in doing the jump and who have already had experience in canyoning.

  • If you finish at the Diaclase, there is a 20 minute steep walk to the car park.
  • If you finish further at the Gourd bottom, you will return to the car park by a car shuttle (so no need to walk back)



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