Canyoning in Vercors All our descent of canyons in the Vercors

The Vercors is, for the Grenoblois and the Lyonnais, the inescapable destination canyoning. There are different levels, durations and types of course, enough to satisfy a wide audience.

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Inescapables canyons of Vercors

The Furon canyon is undoubtedly THE great classic of the Vercors massif and even of the department, with its 3 versions, high, low and Integral.

Furon canyon upper part

The upper part of the Furon canyon is located just downstream of the Engins gorges, between Grenoble and Sassenage and Lans-en-Vercors. This course consists of two beautiful receipt interspersed with a less narrow zone but which nevertheless presents various obstacles and playful. In the receipt, you will find beautiful cascades where alternate recalls, jumps and slides. It is a very fun itinerary where everyone will find pleasure.

From 43.00 €

Furon canyon lower part

The lower part of the Furon is located at the city's gates, just above Sassenage. It is a complete course, ideal to discover the activity. Beautiful reminders, jumps, passages of syphons, everything is there, easily accessible. The course has numerous scopes allowing to adapt the difficulty of the progression according to the capacities of each one.

From 43.00 €

Ecouges canyon intermediate part

The second part of the Ecouges canyon is probably the most classic. It is a complete course that allows you to discover all the facets of the activity. The immersion lasts more than 4 hours, the first reminders of 15 and 25 m put in the bath. Then we quickly continue with many slides and jumps in a nice receipt. A few more reminders and we leave the gorge.

From 55.00 €

Ecouges canyon upper part

The first part of the Ecouges canyon is reserved for fans of thrills. Indeed, the reminders unfold continuously in an exceptional receipt. We go out of the throat descending the waterfall of 70m, to join the road and the second part's departure.

From 80.00 €

Pissarde canyon

Difficult to imagine that a few canvases of Grenoble, just above the Claix village on the eastern side of the Vercors, can be practiced canyoning.

And yet, when approaching, we can't miss the beautiful cascade of the most difficulty that sweeps the last foothills of the Vercors in a long sheaf of more than 80 m. Do not be impressed, it is not essential to have to face this descent to enjoy the canyon of the Pissarde located just above. Indeed, before this waterfall, the stream has discreetly dug, under the cover of trees, multiple calcareous casings. The course thus presents an alternation of walk in the forest and many short reminders in little gorges jolimmentally carved. There are no jumps or slides, but there are many varied and well watered obstacles. A refreshing trip !!!

From 43.00 €

Moules Marinières canyon

Situated on the eastern foothills of the Vercors massif, at the gates of Trièves, the Moules Marinières canyon is an alternative of choice to the other classic courses of the region. You can reach the canyon from the small village of Saint Andéol, nestled at the foot of the large rock faces of the Deux Sœurs. This course presents two pretty casings interspersed with a walk in bucolic forest. The first part presents numerous small waterfalls with pretty slides. The second one is a little more sustained and austere with some jumps and a beautiful reminder well cashed.

The final is superb with a big jump and a big slide. A truly interesting intiation course in the natural landscapes of the Vercors-Est.

From 50.00 €

Ecouges canyon integral part

The integral of the Ecouges canyon is a sustained and sporty race and will be an adventure you will long remember.

From 110.00 €