Plus de photos de la via ferrata de la cascade
Via ferrata of the Waterfall


Located in the wild scenery of the Alpe du Grand Serre, this Via ferrata is a series of 5 easy sections interspersed with different paths. Ideal for children.

The 5 sections are :

  • The footbridges
  • The walks
  • The bacon
  • The beefy
  • The Belvedere

There are 2 ways out and a hiking trail for exit, and in case for shorten the route, and to adapt the length and time of the via ferrata depending on the mood and level of the group.

It’s lots of fun to go up and cross many beams and walkways, to see a small canyon where many waterfalls are seems magical, it’s the same setting as the Saint Vincent de Mercuze Via ferrata.

No great difficulties, there are a series of beams and monkey bridges, as well as easy climb!

The summit of the via ferrata leads to Lake Prévourey, a beautiful and unspoiled place with a refuge and a source of drinking water.

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Prix individuel / personne 40.00 €
Prix Groupe à partir de 6 personnes 35.00 €
Demi-journée 190.00 €
Journée 310.00 €

The benefits

  • 1 guide for 8 youths + 1 adult*
  • Materials to use the EPI standards for activity
  • Pictures
  • RC pro and individual accident Allianz

Informations pratiques

Approach walk 00 : 05
Walking back 00 : 35
Altitude 1600m
Ascent / Descent 200m
Items you must bring
  • Sportswear
  • Trainers / sneakers
  • Bottle of water
  • Jacket
  • Energy bars
  • Sunglasses
  • Monkey Bridge or Nepalese
Période de May at November
Department Isère
Area Grenoble / Lyon
Mountain range Taillefer

Questions fréquentes

It’s possible to do this via ferrata from 6 years old. It is the only via ferrata that we offer to people who are suitable or very small.

No approach walk, the parking lot of the via ferrata of the Waterfall in Alpe du Grand Serre is right next to the start.

It takes 40 minutes to walk "back" from the top of the via ferrata of the waterfall to the car park located at La Morte (38350) / Alpe du Grand Serre. For this walk, we will take the GR 50.

The via ferrata of the Waterfall is closed in the case of Snow on the course, therefore it opens from spring to autumn.

Yes, there has a path which allows you to bypass these monkey bridges if you find them too challenging!


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