Caving in Vercors mountain range Our caving trip in Vercors massif

Located between Isère and Drôme, it's the excellent plateau: form of the erosion on surface, steep cliffs and abyss of all kinds.

You have enjoyed the Furon Canyon, at the Ecouges? Have you enjoyed the rock shapes dug by the water? Come to Caving in Vercors ...

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Our courses caving in Vercors

In the heart of the Vercors, we propose 3 caving trails that are known for its variants, difficulties and atmospheres !!!

Gournier cave

8 hours of caving, minimum 4 persons

The pearl of Vercors. Access by boat to cross the lake, hiking in a gallery to access a river and an underground canyon.

À partir de 75.00 €

Les Cuves de Sassenage

3 hours of caving, located at the foot of the Furon gorges.

The entrance is a converted cavity where we will access a labyrinth of a very varied course, which leads us to the river.

À partir de 40.00 €


4h30 of caving, next to Lans-en-Vercors

The vertical and excellent discovery with a reminder of 30 m, and a superb room of stalactites and stalagmites.

À partir de 50.00 €