Plus de photos de la grotte roche labyrinthe à Lans en Vercors
Grotte Roche - Labyrinthe


There has no other easier cave access than this Roche Cave Labyrinth. The Cave is just 30 seconds walk from the car park, where is next to the Valchevrière bridge in Vercors, along the Gorges de la Bourne.

L'entrée de la grotte constituée d'un grand porche se trouve au bord de la rivière. Grotte Roche est une classique spéléo du Vercors nord, elle permet de réaliser plusieurs parcours souterrains en fonction des aptitudes et désirs de chacun: The entrance has a large porch by the river.

Roche Cave is a classic caving in the North Vercors, several underground routes are available according to the aptitudes and desires of participants :

  • Discovery of speleology open for families with children from 6 years old. Composed of large galleries which alternate with narrow and fun passages. (4 legs, ramping on sandy soil and easy climbing).
  • The labyrinth: Course discovered in 2009 (child from 10-12 years old) is more technical in progression and requires passages on ropes with handrails, you will be equipped with a harness to cross these obstacles.

The Roche Cave is an ideal cavity for an approach and discovery of speleology. Numerous concretions of stalactites, stalagmites, draperies and columns adorn the different routes.

Your guide will reveal the geological history of the cavity (fossils) as well as the discovery work of speleologists; indeed this cave is still be explored.

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Individual price / person 48.00 €
Group price from 6 people 43.00 €
Group price 43.00 €

The benefits

  • Benefit the group's price for each trip
  • 1/2 price for the future groom/bride from 8 persons
  • Photos and videos of the outing offered
  • Possibility to rent a Go pro
  • Aperitif "surprise" on request
Half day 290.00 € TTC

The benefits

  • 1 guide for 8 youths + 1 adult
  • Materials to use the EPI standards for activity
  • Pictures
  • RC pro and individual accident Allianz
Half day 360.00 € TTC

The benefits

Included :

  • Private guide for 8 persons (more than 8 pers = 2 guides)
  • Material requirements for the activity
  • Photos souvenirs
  • RC pro and programme of accident individual Allianz

Not Included :

  • Reportage photo (+250€ TTC)
  • Organization of event catering

Useful information

ages From 6 years old
Approach walk 00 : 00
Walking back 00 : 00
Items you must bring
  • Sportswear
  • Trainers / sneakers
  • Bottle of water
  • Jacket
  • Energy bars
Period from February to Décember
Department Isère
Area Grenoble / Lyon / Valence
Mountain range Vercors

Trouvez les réponses à vos questions.

Yes, except after very heavy rain when the river overflows and invades the entrance porch, but this is very rare, only 2 or 3 times a year!

An area of the cave made up of a series of more or less narrow passages which form a complex path to orientation. A guide is essential to be your light in the dark!

Yes. Discovery course: from 6 years. Labyrinth: from 10-12 years old

Not on the discovery course but one or two in the labyrinth, but your guide is there to help you!

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