Zig Zag route Mont Baron Veyrier - Haute Savoie


Located on Mount Veyrier (Mount Baron) above Annecy Lake. The sight on the lake is amazing. It is the most accessible main road around Lake. 8 pitches on a great limestone that climb up through slabs filled with good holds.

From the Col du Contrebandier, a 25 minute walking towards the old cable car, we will reach the start of the Zig Zag route with 2 abseiling. 600 vertical ft drop for a great day with stunning sight on the lake.

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Rate of 1 à 2 people 300.00 €

Useful informations

Approach walk 00 : 25
Return walk 00 : 25
Altitude 4114 ft
Height difference 590 ft
Equipment Checklist
  • Climbing shoes
  • Backpack
When February at November
Where Haute Savoie
Area Lyon / Annecy / Chambéry

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Angon Canyon discovery

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Thônes - Via ferrata

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