Infernet canyon


The Infernet Canyon is the must of Chartreuse massif, very close to Grenoble and Lyon. If you really want to understand what canyon is, you must have to go!

The Infernet is an exceptional gorge, an encaissement of nearly 100m deep which connects to big rappel aquatic, technical jumps, slides with good flows, course on turns ...

The entrance of the canyon is already very impressive. It made by the first rappel of 30m, along the waterfall. It is therefore necessary for someone who have already had experience and skills in rappelling or if necessary, to have a sporty profile and not to be dizzy with the height.

The Infernet Canyon looks a little like the Devil's bridge canyon which is located in the Bauges, but it is even deeper and more impressive.

The wild and preserved environment of this canyon will leave you with unforgettable memories, unlike the canyons of Vercors which are sometimes overcrowded on weekends.

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Individual price / person 60.00 €
Group price from 6 people 55.00 €

Useful information

ages From 12 years old
Approach walk 00 : 20
Walking back 00 : 30
Items you must bring
  • Trainers / sneakers
  • Bottle of water
  • Swimsuit
  • Jump
  • Abseiling
  • Waterslide
Period from May to October
Department Isère
Area Grenoble / Lyon
Mountain range Chartreuse



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