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Furon canyon upper part


The Furon canyon is probably the most famous canyon in the area. It is located in the range of Vercors, above Sassenage, approximatly 15 min from Grenoble and an hour away from Lyon.

Tested and recommended by the Grenoble Tourist Office

The upper part of Furon canyon is located in Isère, it is the most popular canyon in the area of Grenoble. This is a half day of 3 hours descent and is suitable for all levels of people, including families, friends, corporate groups or special occasions like bacholor party.

It is a complete route that we propose from the Mayousse bridge to the end of the express part, including many possible but not mandatory jumps (up to 9 m), slides, ziplines, short abseiling, and a part of playful aquatic walk. We will never get bored at the Furon, each obstacle is fun and the final part called the express, there will be the biggest obstacles (jumps and slides) that allow us to finish the canyon in style!

Depending on the level and expectations of participants, different entries and exits are possible in this canyon that allows us to adjust the level of the course in the best way.

An advantage of this canyon is, its water is protected by the dam of Engins, which is located just upstream of the departure of the circuit. In effect of EDF, it regulates the flow to avoid any rise of the water in the canyon in order to assure the safety of canyonneurs.

For those who are wishing to do more than half day, it will be possible to continue on the lower part to achieve the Integral of Furon, one of the best canyon days in the region according to us!

Actuality 2019 : Good condition for the furon !

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Individual price / person 50.00 €
Group price from 6 people 45.00 €
Group price 45.00 €

The benefits

  • Benefit the group's price for each canyoning
  • 1/2 price for the future groom/bride from 8 persons
  • Photos and videos of the outing offered
  • Possibility to rent a Go pro
  • Aperitif "surprise" on request
Half day 290.00 € TTC

The benefits

  • 1 guide for 8 youths + 1 adult
  • For those under 12 years : activity limited to V2-A2-EII
  • Materials to use the EPI standards for activity
  • Pictures
  • RC pro and individual accident Allianz
Half day 360.00 € TTC

The benefits

Included :

  • Private guide for 8 persons (more than 8 pers = 2 guides)
  • Material requirements for the activity
  • Photos souvenirs
  • RC pro and programme of accident individual Allianz

Not Included :

  • Reportage photo (+250€ TTC)
  • Organization of event catering

Useful information

ages From 8 years old
Approach walk 00 : 05
Walking back 00 : 05
Altitude 705m
Ascent / Descent 100m
Items you must bring
  • Trainers / sneakers
  • Bottle of water
  • Swimsuit
  • Zip line
  • Jump
  • Abseiling
  • Waterslide
Period from May to October
Department Isère
Area Grenoble / Lyon
Mountain range Vercors

Frequently asked Questions

No jump is mandatory, it is possible to bypass, to make a slide instead of jumping or abseiling.

The Furon upper part is great for a complete discovery of canyoneering. In this 3-hour trip, there are a variety of jumps, slides, rappels and zipline.

A short 20 minutes hike to reach the top of the canyon, not sporty one. Car accessible.

No jump is mandatory. The first jump from the bridge is about 10m, which is reserved for those who have already had great jumping experience.

At the end of the Express of the Furon du Haut, the last jump is 8m, also not mandatory.

The guide always reserves the right not to authorize these jumps to preserve the safety of participants.

The water of the Furon canyon is fresh all year long because it is orginated from the Vercors plateau located in higher than 1000m of altitude. But you will be equipped and well insulated by good quality neoprene wetsuit and neoprene socks. In addition there will be a little waiting in this canyon, but we are always moving, so we will not have time to be cold!

  • Contact us to see the possibility of sharing a car with other participants.
  • If sharing a car is not possible, you can take a bus (25 minutes): Line T64 from Grenoble bus station and get off at the stop calls "ENGINS USINE", the parking of RDV is just in 50 m (Parking of l'Epingle du Furon).

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