Photos du canyon d'Angon avec drone
Angon performance canyon


The Angon Canyon is the classic one near Annecy. Located at the edge of Annecy Lake, it is a course deemed accessible to resourceful beginners. This canyon has 2 versions : the complete part is Angon Performance which we describe in here, and the other part is Angon discovery, which is for those who want to have a gentle start.

For the Performance version, it is possible to climb and hike for 30 minutes or go by car.

When the descent of the Performance version begins, further in upstream, there is a waterfall of Angon (tourist site with belvedere / bridge) by a vertiginous rappel and water of 40m.

So we enter the canyon by making an impressive descent from the tourist "bridge" of the waterfall of Angon. With a good flow of water, this first rappel can be more athletic because we descend into the waterfall directly.

Then we descend like spider on rope of 18m on the left bank where is out of water, then we slide one obstable and we will join and discover the course of ‘mailbox’ : an orginal and surprising toboggan-siphon!

The Performance version provides a variety of descents in the setting of mountainous spinning just above Annecy Lake.

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Individual price / person 65.00 €
Group price from 6 people 60.00 €
Group price 60.00 €

The benefits

  • Benefit the group's price for each canyoning
  • 1/2 price for the future groom/bride from 8 persons
  • Photos and videos of the outing offered
  • Possibility to rent a Go pro
  • Aperitif "surprise" on request

Useful information

ages From 14 years old
Approach walk 00 : 30
Walking back 00 : 05
Items you must bring
  • Trainers / sneakers
  • Swimsuit
Period from May to October
Department Haute Savoie
Area Lyon / Annecy / Chambéry
Mountain range Tournette

Frequently asked Questions

No, this descent of 40 meters is an obligatory passage of Angon performance canyon, and we can not avoid it; but if you do not feel like abseiling alone (control your own speed), the monitor can do it for you. All in all, if you do not really feel it, you may go to the discovery version of the canyon.

From Annecy:

  • By Bus: line 61 Annecy Talloire Montmin. From Anney bus station to "Angon" stop. Journey time 40 minutes. More information about the schedules of this line. More informations Bus schedules.
  • By bike: around 45 minutes on the bike path of the lake (take the East Shore Veyrier Lake). Bike rental "Roule Ma poule" possible.

We offer the Montmin canyon and Angon Performance at the same price and duration, but they are 2 different canyons:

  • Montmin is a little further from Annecy than Angon. It's an aquatic canyon with lots of jumps and slides and only one 10m abseil.
  • Angon performance is at the edge of Annecy Lake, it is a vertical canyon with many abseils and only a few jumps and slides.

No, Angon is not famous for being a cold canyon, moreover the swimming parts are rather short (small pools) so we can go out quickly.

No, the accesses are completely different and do not allow to join easily.



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