Sense flight


Depending on the weather conditions of the day, this flight will allow you to discover what allows birds and paragliders to stay in the air: thermal ascendance. A few subtle turns in slight descents and it's landing at Lumbin!

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Individual price / person 95.00 €
Group price 95.00 €

Marquez le coup!

  • Offer an unforgettable gift for the future groom!

Useful information

Approach walk 00 : 00
Walking back 00 : 00
Items you must bring
  • Sportswear
  • Trainers / sneakers
  • Jacket
  • Sunglasses with a leash recommended
  • Sunglasses
Period from March to November
Department Isère
Area Grenoble / Lyon
Mountain range Chartreuse



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10 minutes de vol pour un baptème de l'air de 700 mètres de dénivelé le long de la Chartreuse à partir de Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet

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Discovery flight

In tandem with a professional pilot, throw you cliffs of Saint Hilaire du Touvet for unforgettable sensations! Flight discovery from 8 to 15 minutes on sky.

From 150.00 €
Sense Flight

With the two-seater flight Sensation of 15 to 25 minutes of flight , you can discover the cliffs, the Chartreuse Nature Park in aerial view.

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The big dihedral, Crolles Via ferrata

A Crolles : Enfin réouverte à partir du 14 juillet 2017 !! Ce parcours, réservé aux sportifs aguerris et possédant quelques notions d'escalade, permet, tout en restant dans un cadre grandiose, d'évoluer dans une falaise très raide en passant des surplombs qui risquent de laisser des souvenirs impérissables... dans vos bras!!!

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Oule Complete Waterfall of Lavandières

In Crolles: Open in 2018 !! This route is quite long (4.5 hours) with some physical parts like overturned ladders and aerial passages! It is reserved for athletes. This via ferrata offers an incomparable panorama view of the Belledonne chain and Mont-Blanc.

From 50.00 €
Oule Waterfall, Lavandières intermediate,

In Crolles: Located above Crolles, to overlook the funicular of Saint-Hilaire du Touvet. A half-day route that ends at the paragliding take-off site.

From 40.00 €