Groin Canyon


The Groin is an atypical descent of 3.5 hours, located in Bugey, Artemare. Like the Chaley Canyon, it is one of nearest canyons to Lyon.

The Groin Canyon is a curiosity of the Department of Ain, the rock erosion makes the course a labyrinthine and almost under the shelter of light.

To begin, next to the small impoundment pond, we enter the canyon by a possible jump and we pass 2 siphons, it is very impressive for the starting but it’s short and safe.

Then concatenating jumps and swimming across the giant’s kettle due to rock erosion (jumps up to 12m high but not compulsory) with big slides possible.

After the long sections of swimming in the dark, the course is interspersed with shadow of lights which makes the whole atmosphere exceptional and unforgettable.

It is rather a physical canyon and relatively long with a part of walking in the chaotic blocks (climbing up and down along the river bed).

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Individual price / person 60.00 €
Group price from 6 people 55.00 €

Useful information

ages From 12 years old
Approach walk 00 : 05
Walking back 00 : 10
Altitude 370m
Ascent / Descent 120m
Items you must bring
  • Trainers / sneakers
  • Bottle of water
  • Swimsuit
Period from May to October
Department Ain
Area Lyon / Annecy / Chambéry
Mountain range Bugey

Frequently asked Questions

Yes, the first 2 siphons in the Groin Canyon are mandatory. If the water level in the canyon is low, the siphons are "defused", that means we do not need to put our head under the water. On the other hand, when the water levels are high, it is necessary to dive in order to cross.

The passage of the siphons is very wide, like a door size. It is therefore not possible to get stuck in there.

They are not long: each siphon is less than 20cm long. This is very easy to cross: it is not harder than swimming under the line in the swimming pool.

The first jump of the canyon is 7m, and is not mandatory.

The highest jump in the Groin Canyon is 12m. This is the penultimate jump of the canyon. Fortunately, it is not mandatory, you can do either a toboggan rappel instead, or a jump of 6m.

The Groin is the canyon which has the most distance of swimming among all the canyons that we offer. It is therefore necessary to know how to swim. But no need to be an excellent swimmer, swimming is just enough.



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