Description Canyon des Ecouges partie intérmédiaire

La parte baja o intermedia de los Ecouges constituye un perfecto descubrimiento deportivo en el macizo del Vercors. A 1h de Lyon y 30m de Grenoble y Valence, se trata de un descenso completo donde encontrará varios rápeles excelentes (28m máx) y numerosos saltos (nunca obligatorios) y toboganes.

Es una buena media jornada de actividad (4h30) en un cañón admirablemente esculpido con magníficas cascadas y cubetas ideales para recibir saltos y deslizamientos.

Para los más valientes es posible comenzar por la parte alta de los Ecouges para realizar así el integral de los Ecouges.

Localisation Cañón de los Ecouges parte intermedia

Tarifs Cañón de los Ecouges parte intermedia

Tarif individuel / personne 60.00 €
Tarif Groupe à partir de 6 personnes 55.00 €
Tarif Groupe 55.00 €

The benefits

  • Benefit the group's price for each canyoning
  • 1/2 price for the future groom/bride from 8 persons
  • Photos and videos of the outing offered
  • Possibility to rent a Go pro
  • Aperitif "surprise" on request

Informations pratiques Canyon des Ecouges partie intérmédiaire

Approach walk 0:01
Walking back 0:25
Altitude 621m
Height difference 220m
Equipment to be provided
  • Baskets
  • Bottle of water Voir
  • Swimsuit
Période de May à September
Department Isère
Zone Grenoble / Lyon / Valence
Massif Vercors

Libro Cañón de los Ecouges parte intermedia

Besoin d'aide ?
+33 (0)6 63 70 36 25

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À voir à faire à coté du Canyon des Ecouges partie intérmédiaire

Gournier cave

8h of caving, minimum 4 people.

The Pearl of the Vercors. Access by boat to cross the entrance of lake, hike in a gallery to access a river and an underground canyon.

À partir de 75.00 €

Integral del Furon

Cañón muy deportivo con enlace de la parte alta y de la parte baja del cañón del Furon. Posibilidad de numerosos saltos de más de 10m (no obligatorios), numerosos rápeles, incluido el de la cascada de Tuff de 18m y toboganes al revés donde se deslizará hacia adelante, hacia atrás…en cualquier posición

À partir de 65.00 €

Infernet canyon

The Infernet Canyon is a superb trip that will offer you with unforgettable memories. Let yourself be surprised, come and discover this extraordinary place in Quaix in Chartreuse just 25 minutes from Grenoble!

À partir de 50.00 €

Upper part of Ecouges canyon

The upper part of Ecouges canyon is reserved for sports people. Indeed, the reminders unfold continuously in an exceptional receipt. And we leave **the gorge with full cliff. Much descend the cascade 70m to joind the road and the second part's departure.

À partir de 80.00 €

Ecouges canyon integral

Between Grenoble and Valence, the Ecouges canyon is at the top of the most beautiful courses' list in Vercors. With abseil up to 70m await you on the upper part, then we can continue the lower part which is very complete with abseil of 10 to 25 meters, many jumps, slides to finish the beautiful day!

À partir de 110.00 €

Versoud Canyon

Superb concentrate of canyoning with very little walk and 2h30 of descent very varied, where everything is continued to perfection. Ideal for a gentle discovery, with optional a possible jump of 12m! (not required).

À partir de 40.00 €