Canyoning in Grenoble Canyon routes near Grenoble

Grenoble is a city surrounded by mountains. it is at the crossroads of the three valleys between Belledonne, Chartreuse and Vercors ranges.

Nature lovers will be happy to know that Grenoble is surrounded by mountains and plenty of places to breathe in the fresh air, all easily accessible from Grenoble. These spots offer beautiful landscapes and a relaxing atmosphere for those wishing to escape the city. You’ll be able to spend your week-ends and even more.

For canyoning enthusiasts, those near Grenoble are some of the best in the region.

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Must-do Canyons from Grenoble

It’s undeniable that the selection of the hundred best canyons among an hundred proposed in the surrounding makes debate. However, one have to look several criterias as the difficulty level, the landscape beauty and the accessibility.

Happily you can get to the section “do more” to find out other routes just as interesting. In this section you’ll find other routes, less known, but just as much impressive.

To begin with we recommend to test our must-do selections list. Those magnificent and classics canyons less than 30 minutes away from Grenoble, are suitable for people at all level. You’ll notably be able to find these canyons in Chartreuse -and in Vercors, two mountains ranges known for their canyons.

Furon canyon

Located on the first slopes of Vercors, this is the classic Grenoble. Embark for a half day of escape, in the heart of the Engins gorge. Ludic and aquatic, it is a course open to all where are enchainent, jumps, slides, reminders or tyrolean.

From 50.00 €

Furon canyon lower part

Located on the first slopes of Vercors, easy to go there by bus from Grenoble. A half day of escape, Ludic and aquatic, it is a course open to all where are enchainent, jumps, slides, swim.

From 45.00 €

Furon canyon integral

The Furon upper part is not enough? Then tap on its lower part. Accessible by public transport from Grenoble! A few reminders, secret passages under the blocks and beautiful jumps will allow you to complete a course of almost 6 hours between Engins and Sassenage.

From 70.00 €

Ecouges canyon

Halfway between Grenoble and Valence, the Ecouges canyon thrills at the list's top of the most beautiful courses in Vercors. Its intermediate part is very complete with reminders of 10 to 25 meters, many jumps, slides. All in a beautiful natural setting. A big half day of pure pleasure!

From 60.00 €

Infernet canyon

The Infernet is a superb trip that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Let yourself be surprised, come and discover this extraordinary place in Quaix-en-Chartreuse only** 25 minutes from Grenoble !

From 50.00 €

Infernet canyon

The Infernet is a superb trip that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Let yourself be surprised, come and discover this extraordinary place in Quaix-en-Chartreuse only** 25 minutes from Grenoble !

From 55.00 €

Versoud canyon

Little brother of the ECOUGES, very close to Grenoble, the VERSOUD canyon is an extraordinary course. Indeed, how to guess that there, under the cover of verdant trees, hides a magnificent little gorge where the waterfalls, superbly carved in the rock, offer a refreshing trip with reminders, jumps and slides!

From 45.00 €

More canyons

You look for a more intense adventure than our selection “Near Grenoble selection”? We have what you need

What would you think about a full day exploring the most impressive canyons of the region? Or a unique experience mixing canyoning and speleology?

If you look for thrilling, you won’t be disappointed. Why not exploring Vallée du Grésivaudan, famous for its outstanding landscapes and impressive canyons? Or going further in Ain, where you could discover unique natural spots and breathtaking landscapes?

With so many possibilities, you are sure to find the adventure you look for. So don’t wait any longer, come to explore the canyons the most incredible of Grenoble area.

Canyon de Terneze

Découvrez le canyon du Ternèze, situé dans le massif des Bauges, entre Chambéry et Grenoble. Ce site offre une expérience ludique avec des sauts, des toboggans naturels et des rappels. Adapté aux débutants comme aux initiés, il permet également d'observer une riche biodiversité avec un peu de chance. Profitez d'un cadre naturel exceptionnel tout en vivant des sensations fortes et inoubliables.

From 45.00 €

Alloix canyon

Between Grenoble and Chambery, on the flank Eastern Chartreuse, the Alloix canyon will allow you to chain several boosts watered in a green. Waterfalls of 15 to 45 meters and even a beautiful slide, something to keep beautiful memories of aquatic verticals !!!

From 55.00 €

Canyon du Terfond Pernaz

Un peu plus éloigné de Grenoble, le canyon de Trefond est situé dans l'Ain. Une belle aventure de 3h30 avec de nombreux sauts vous attend sans problème de surfréquentation.

From 55.00 €


Grenoble, Alpes capital, is surrounded by different mountains ranges. Of course the outdoor as canyoning is very much inn Grenoble area.

Very nice destination, a lot of canyons are very closed from the city, some of them are even accessible via bus, train or bikes. Find out our selection of the six canyons near Grenoble.

Grenoble is an interesting canyoning destination and preferred by many insiders. First of all, the majority of these canyons are easily accessible, you are close to the Chartreuse and Vercors massif but also close to the Bauges massif in Savoie. These massifs offer different routes, all varied and adapted to the level of all practitioners who will delight experienced sportsmen or beginners. Discover the Vertical Adventure selection Discover the Vertical Adventure selection

Find all our company trips to Grenoble for canyoning, as well as other ideas for team outdoor activities.

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