1h30 from Lyon and Grenoble

The Via cordata Choranche is located in the Vercors regional park, above the famous Choranche caves, at the foot of the Presles' cliff overlooking the Bourne's valley.

After 15 minutes of walking, you will start to climb a cliff 35m, and will continue with the technical passages who enhance the experience thrills !!!!



Prix individuel / personne 40.00 €
Demi-journée 190.00 €
Journée 360.00 €

The benefits

  • 1 guide for 8 youths + 1 adult
  • Materials to use the EPI standards for activity
  • Pictures
  • RC pro and individual accident Allianz

Informations pratiques

Approach walk 00:15
Walking back 00:10
Equipment to be provided
  • Sportswear
  • Baskets
  • Bottle of water Voir
  • Polar
  • Sunglasses
Période de May à October
Department Isère
Zone Grenoble / Lyon
Massif Vercors


Besoin d'aide ?
+33 (0)6 63 70 36 25

Utilisez le formulaire ci dessous pour réserver ou contactez Mathieu au: + 33 (0)6 63 70 36 25

À voir à faire à coté du Choranche Via cordata

Eymards cave

4,5 Stunden Höhlenerkundung in der Nähe von Lans-en-Vercors. . Die Vertikal-Entdeckung schlechthin mit einer Abseilstrecke in einen Schacht mit 30 m Tiefe und einem Saal mit hängendem und stehendem Tropfstein.

À partir de 50.00 €
Moules Marinières canyon

More than 1 hour from Lyon and Valence, 45 min from Grenoble, The Moules Marinières canyon presents two pretty cascades interspersed with a walk in forest with two different continuity parts. It was a half day outing perfect to discover natural landscapes of the Estern Vercors.

À partir de 50.00 €
Via Cordata in Saint-Nizier

The great classic that dominates Grenoble! A course that alters, climbing in tyrolean and abseiling in the magnificent site of "trois plucelles".

À partir de 55.00 €
Pissarde canyon

Close to Grenoble, just above the village of Claix on the eastern side of the Vercors, There is the beautiful waterfall of the Pissarde which sweeps the last foothills of the Vercors in a 80m waterfall . The course is a combination of walking in the forest and many short abseils and slides. A refreshing trip !!!!

À partir de 43.00 €
Canyon du Furon oderer Teil

Der Klassiker von Vercors, 45 Minuten von Lyon entfernt, zwischen Grenoble und Lans-en-Vercors oberhalb von Sassenage. Der gesamte Parcours beinhaltet Sprünge bis zu neun Metern, natürliche Wasserrutschbahnen, Seilrutschen, Abseilen und zahlreiche lustige Plätze, die mehrmals wiederholt werden können auf Wunsch.

À partir de 43.00 €
Bottom part of Furon canyon

Located on the first slopes of the Vercors, it's the great classic of Grenoble. Embark on a half day escape in the heart of the Engins gorges. Playful and aquatic, it's a course open to all with several jumps, toboggans, abseil or even zipline.

À partir de 43.00 €