Canyon du Furon lower part


Very close to Grenoble and Lyon, the lower part Furon is the only canyon accessible by public transport, a very big advantage for those who do not have a vehicle! It is a complete course with beautiful obstacles in a great magnitude.

It is the first known canyon in Isère since the 90s. It is little shorter in length than the upper part Furon, but the obstacles (jumps and abseils) are little higher.

For example, we will descend in a 20 m Tuf waterfall, we will let ourselves slip in several siphons (not mandatory) and if your heart allows you that to make larger jumps up to 12 m possible (not mandatory).

The temperature of the water in the lower part Furon is colder than the upper part. The cold water resurgence of the caves of Sassenage flows into the Canyon.

Possibility of linking the upper part Furon to achieve the Furon Integral.

News 2019: Good conditions for the Furon!

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Prix individuel / personne 48.00 €
Prix Groupe à partir de 6 personnes 43.00 €

Informations pratiques

Approach walk 15 : 00
Walking back 00 : 00
Items you must bring
  • Trainers / sneakers
  • Bottle of water
  • Swimsuit
  • Energy bars
  • Jump
  • Abseiling
  • Waterslide
Période de April at November
Department Isère
Area Grenoble / Lyon / Chambéry / Valence
Mountain range Vercors

Questions fréquentes

These two canyons are similar but the lower Furon has some advantages:

  • It is easily accessed by public transports.
  • The upper Furon has fewer visitors and wilder.
  • It combines with the sight of Sassengage Cave and via ferrata in "les Prises de la Bastille".

From Grenoble, take the tram A to Terminus "Fontaine la Poyat" From the Terminus, there are 2 solutions:

  • By bus: take a bus in the direction of Sassenage Line 19 or 20 or 50 and stop at "Sassenage Castle" or "Ovalie. More info here: Plan-Metropole-Grenoble-2018-10 A 5-minute walk to the Sassenage Church from the bus stop. Attention - less frequency during the weekend / holidays. Plan-Metropole-grenobloise-2018-10
  • On foot: A 22-minute walk from the Terminus to the car park of Sassenage Church. More info here: Walk from la Poyat to the parking of lower part Furon : Itinerary on foot to get to the canyon from Grenoble

No, it is only a possibility reserved for peaple already introduced to canyoning. This jump can be easily avoided.

Book a canyoning session half day in Furon lower part :


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