Description Canyoneering

Verschillende aspecten van het canyoning zullen voor u een fantastische ervaring zijn.

Afhankelijk van uw keuze zijn er vele mogelijkheden. De canyoning biedt een geweldige mogelijkheid in het zwemmen in smalle gangen gevormd door verticale wanden. Deze doorgang, gevormd door de erosie vanuit de rotsformatie geven u het idee zich in een labyrint te bevinden.

Afdalen in een waterval of de nevel die eromheen gevormd wordt zult u fantastisch ervaren.

U komt terecht in een natuurlijke waterglijbaan. Enkele rotsen geven de mogelijkheid tot een spectaculaire sprong in een heldere diepte. Volkomen veilig door de deskundige ervaren begeleiding.

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Inclus dans la prestation
  1. Guided by a qualified and insured instructor in RC pro.
  2. Neoprene wetsuit and neoprene socks
  3. Helmet and equipment (harness, carabiners, ropes ...)
  4. Pictures in digital format
  5. Accident Individual Insurance
  6. Go pro HD rental (subject to availability)

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Nos coups de coeur Canyoneering

Among all of our canyons, here are the most favourable, probably the BEST canyons in Vercors, Chartreuse, Baugesand Annecy lake

Furon canyon upper part

The classic of Vercors, 45 minutes from Lyon, in between Grenoble and Lans-en-Vercors above Sassenage. A complete course with jumps (up to 9 m), slides, zipline, abseiling and many fun flashes to re-do upon your wishses.

À partir de 43.00 €

Integral of Furon

A very sportive with linking of the upper part and the lower part of the canyon of Furon. Many possible jumps of more than 10 m (not mandatory), many abseils including the tuff waterfall of 18m, slides upside down...

À partir de 65.00 €

Terneze canyon

An hour drive from Annecy to get to Ternèze, near Chambéry. Discover this playful, varied, and excellent canyon. A remake of your wish for a half-day trip!

À partir de 40.00 €

Intermediate part of Ecouges canyon

A must-see canyon of the Vercors. An exceptional canyon by its variety, abseils up to 28m, jumps, slides, swimming and local specialties. A big half-day of sensations!

À partir de 55.00 €

Versoud Canyon

The greatest concentration of canyoning, with very little walk to approach and 2.5 hours of very varied descent, where everything is linked to perfection. Ideal for a gentle discovery, with optional possible jump of 10m! (not mandatory).

À partir de 40.00 €

Devil's bridge canyon

Practicable from June to October, short, narrow and cashed, it is aptly named. With possible large jumps (not mandatory), swimming, slides in an extraordinary setting. Emotions in perspective!

À partir de 44.00 €

Angon canyon « performance formula »

Our favorite canyon! Starting from the bridge, Angon performance is a sporting sequence with a succession of varied waterfalls, abseiling, slides, siphon (not mandatory) ...

À partir de 55.00 €

Angon canyon « discovery formula »

The most classic discovery at the edge of Annecy lake next to Talloires. Ideal for beginners in canyoning, 2.5 hours of canyon with beautiful abseils and natural slides.

À partir de 44.00 €

Infernet canyon

The Infernet Canyon is a superb trip that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Let yourself be surprised, come and discover this extraordinary place in Quaix in Chartreuse just 25 minutes from Grenoble!

À partir de 50.00 €

Montmin canyon

At the end of the Annecy lake, in Vesonne, Montmin is the refreshing canyon from July to September. Many jumps and slides for 3.5 hours of unforgettable descent!

À partir de 55.00 €