Höhlenerkundung im Chartreuse Our caving trip in Chartreuse massif

Massif's very wild, it's the same with the adventurous caves.

Vertical Adventure has chosen, for you, 3 courses who present all the massif's richness : a very beautiful and very easy course, the Saint Aupre cave is corresponded for the children or family. A discovery trip at the Curé cave in Saint-Pierre-d'Entremont, and finally a route to the famous "Dent de Crolles" with the crossing "Glaz-Annette", reserved for sportsmen.

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Our courses caving in Chartreuse

Less than 45 minutes from Grenoble, you will find the return of the beautiful caves in Chartreuse.

Among several caves, Vertical Adventure selected for you the 3 caves that are classical and are valid for all levels, from deputies to sportsmen. Always have some wonderful things for your feelings!

Curé cave

4 hours of caving.

Everything is at the appointment of this playful cavity in progression : rope for a descent and ramping, to access the underground river. Prepare to swim!

À partir de 44.00 €

Crossing of the "Dent de Crolles"

6h to 10h of sports caving

This adventure, with 1 hour of approach walk to go and to return, is a serious undertaking. Being in good physical condition and having already practiced a reminder for this race: several descents on rope of 30 m to cross the "Dent" from side to side.

À partir de 110.00 €

Saint-Aupré cave

3 hours of caving.

A small crossing in the intimate route, where we will follow a water's itinerary.

Very good from 5 years!

À partir de 40.00 €