Canyoning close to Lyon Canyoning near Lyon

Lyon is a superb metropolis, well known for its gastronomy and its famous Festival of Lights. It is a pleasant city, with beautiful districts with particular atmospheres. La Croix Rousse, Fourvière, the Saône or the Rhone, there is so much to see ...

Still, there is so much to do outside the city. We do not always think about it, but Lyon is very close to the mountains. The Pre-Alps are there, right next door. And in just 1 hour drive, you can enjoy beautiful outdoor sites, in the massifs of Vercors, Chartreuse or Bauges. There are many opportunities for canyoning and you can easily escape from the city. Freshness and scenery guarantee! ...

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Inescapables canyons from Lyon

Close to Lyon, the Northern Chartreuse and Vercors offer superb canyoning descents. Just a little further, in the Bauges massif or on the Annecy lake you will also find some beautiful courses.

In short, it would be a shame to deprive oneself of all these marvels, do not hesitate any more, en route to the canyons in the Alps!!!

Furon canyon

Located just 45 minutes from Lyon, at the gates of Grenoble, between Sassenage and Lans-en-Vercors, the Furon canyon is a must. Under the cover of the trees, in beautiful gorges, you can enjoy pretty jumps and slides with beautiful reception. A few reminders and even a zipline allow everyone to descend this superb course in a cool, playful and wet!

À partir de 43.00 €

Grenant canyon

At an hour from Lyon, in the northern Chartreuse, in the Bridoire village, the Grenant canyon is a beautiful varied course where you will find all that makes the richness of the canyoning. In this verdant and undulating landscape, very few things allow us to guess the existence of this very enclosed gorge where jumps, reminders and slides are linked. Let yourself be surprised! Come and discover this little corner of freshness!

À partir de 44.00 €

Versoud canyon

Located on the first slopes of Vercors, this is the classic Grenoble. Embark for a half day of escape, in the heart of the Engins gorge. Ludic and aquatic, it is a course open to all where are enchainent, jumps, slides, reminders or tyrolean.

À partir de 40.00 €

Ecouges canyon

3/4 hour from Lyon, in the Northern Vercors, very close to the Isère valley, the Ecouges canyon is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful courses in the Northern Alps. The upstream part is particularly impressive and technical, reserved for sportsmen and has already experienced to descend reminders. Here, there are an exceptional receipt, a superb succession of reminders: an unforgettable day!!!

À partir de 55.00 €

To do more The others canyons from Lyon

Once you have tasted it, you will surely want to come back ... But not in the same place, not for the same thing ... No panic, we still have a whole stock in shelves !!! You just have to choose !!!

Infernet canyon

1 hour from Lyon in the Chartreuse massif. Here, a very large verdant plateau. Especially forests, rocky crests, perched valleys, lost valleys, steep circuses. Among all these secrets, the Infernet is surely one of the most extraordinary... A trip immersed in the mountain, a magical and indefinable place, which will mark you for a long time...

À partir de 50.00 €

Ternèze canyon

At 1h15 from Lyon, located in the Bauges massif, very close to Chambéry, the Ternèze Canyon is really fun, accessible to all ages. Very short, this course is done in loop, in several variants all more exciting than the others! Slides, jumps and even a syphon for the bravest !!! A real Aqua natural park. Attention back in childhood and addiction guaranteed!

À partir de 40.00 €

Pont du Diable canyon

At 1h15 from Lyon, located in the heart of the Bauges massif, very close to the Lescheraines village, this canyon is remarkable. Remarkable for its extraordinary encroachment, remarkable for the variety of obstacles to be crossed ... Here, in a magnificent setting, in the heart of a narrow gorge and superbly sculpted by the waves, you will descend waterfalls as a reminder, taste the joys of jumps And toboggans. Then you will find swimming by the sun and full light, surprised to come out so brutally from this rock citadel!

À partir de 44.00 €

Angon canyon

1 hour from Lyon, the Annecy lake is nearby. The blue water turquoise throne in its natural setting just a few meters from the parking lot... But it is too flat, not enough tumults, not enough bubbles? Then you turn to the mountain. From there the water gushes forth and mosses abundantly. We drop the waterfalls, sometimes as a reminder, sometimes by slipping... Sometimes we even let ourselves suck under the "letterbox", a strange and remarkable slide-siphon... The Angon canyon is all that. A wonderful way to enjoy the magnificent setting of Annecy lake...

À partir de 55.00 €