Album photos de la traversée de la dent de Crolles
Crossing of the


It is Our reference route of adventure for the speleology in Chartreuse

The cross of the Dent de Crolles, starts from crossing the glazing hole towards the Annette cave, almost 8 hours underground! Note that other versions are possible in the Dent de Crolles but this version remains our reference.

It's a long, and very complete caving. We hike throughout the underground, there will be many abseils up to 30m, in the very varied passages which are formed by the erosion of water. Therefore, it is necessary to have good physical condition, have already done at least one speleology, and can do abseiling (in climbing or canyoning for example).

We recommend to do the Eymards cave which helps to learn and practise abseiling techniques and climbing up with Rope in order to be more confident in doing and crossing the Dent de Crolles. Climbing, de-escalation, abseiling, ramping and hiking are included in this program for achieving an unforgettable day.

Being in a good physical shape is important because it needs more than 8 hours of speleology, in addition, it will take 1 hour to approach and return. After caving, you will sleep very well in the evening!

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Prix individuel / personne 120.00 €
Prix Groupe à partir de 6 personnes 110.00 €

Informations pratiques

Approach walk 01 : 00
Walking back 01 : 00
Items you must bring
  • Sportswear
  • Trainers / sneakers
  • Bottle of water
  • Jacket
  • Energy bars
  • Compact picnic
Période de March at November
Department Isère
Area Grenoble / Lyon / Chambéry
Mountain range Chartreuse


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