Caving in Bauges mountain range Our caving on Bauges massif

Between Chambéry and Annecy, the Bauges massif has the deepest network of Savoie. The underground wonders will be at the appointment of the adventures where we invite you. The Bauges Massif is classified Geopark International: its karstic landscapes outside and inside are unique.

We offer 3 courses: the playful and aquatic Prérouge cave, the cave of the sporty and varied Cavalle, and the cave of the Doria which includes a mixed day Via Ferrata and Caving.

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Our courses spéléologie en Savoie et Haute - Savoie

Around Annecy and Chambéry, you do not need to move further in order to practice caving.

Vertical Adventure also offers outings for our clients in the department Savoie and Haute-Savoie, it will be simpler to travel but there is always the same atmosphere to discover the underground monque.

Prérouge cave

3h of caving, in the Chéran gorges next to the Pont du Diable" canyon.

This itinerary corresponds to the waters' exit of the massif, to reach the pots' gallery. Amazing show of the natural water and the rock's transformation.

From 40.00 €

La Cavale cave

8h of caving.

One of the most beautiful underground rivers in the Alps.

Sporting course requiring a good physical condition, descent and climb on rope, with many ramping passages and a superb course in the water.

From 65.00 €

Adventure day in Doria cave

Nice day to watch the landscape.

Vertical Adventure invites you to a walk. Here, the mix of shade, light and verticality. We will acces a via corda which guides us to the Doria cave. Galeries, underground river, 30m reminder and finish this cave with a via ferrata which will take us comeback to starting point.

From 65.00 €