Description Hang-gliding

Come to live a unique moment on the famous site of Saint Hilaire du Touvet in Isère supervised by a professional.

A few steps are enough to fly away, find yourself lying down, and fly like a bird to the side of your pilot.

Included in the service

  • Assurance pour le Vol (responsabilité civile et individuelle accident)
  • Navette de retour au lieu de Décolage
  • Encadrement réalisé par un moniteur Breveté d'Etat

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Our favorites Hang-gliding

Discovery flight

In tandem with a professional pilot, throw you cliffs of Saint Hilaire du Touvet for unforgettable sensations! Flight discovery from 8 to 15 minutes on sky.

From 150.00 €

Sense Flight

With the two-seater flight Sensation of 15 to 25 minutes of flight , you can discover the cliffs, the Chartreuse Nature Park in aerial view.

From 200.00 €

Liste des vols en deltaplane

Liste des vols Zone Difficulty Duration Price
Discovery flight
Discovery flight

Discovery of the flight in a descent of 700m from St-Hilaire du Touvet. Accessible to all from 7 to...

Grenoble / Lyon / Chambéry 12:15 AM 150.00 €
Sense Flight
Sense Flight

Discovery of the first ascents and the piloting of a hang-glider during a flight of 15 to 25 minutes...

Grenoble / Lyon / Chambéry 12:25 AM 200.00 €

Map of the hang-gliding